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Author Interview: Jennifer Schultens

Jennifer Schultens is Professor of Mathematics at University of California, Davis.  Her book Introduction to 3-Manifolds guides beginning graduate students through the foundations of low-dimensional topology to specialized topics such as triangulations of 3-manifolds, normal surface theory and Heegaard splittings.  … Continue reading

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Author Interview: Dale Rolfsen

Dale Rolfsen is an expert in low-dimensional topology and knot theory, and is co-author of the AMS books Ordering Braids (with Dehornoy, Dynnikov and Wiest), and Ordered Groups and Topology (with Clay).   His seminal work Knots and Links helped to popularize … Continue reading

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Culture, Conventions and Publishing in Math

When should mathematics students begin publishing in research journals? The publication resumes of many graduate students in recent years are impressive.  It is not unusual for a student to have several refereed journal articles before getting a PhD, and these … Continue reading

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Mathematical sign-posts

When you think about mathematics, what are your markers?   How do you organize in your mind the development of mathematical reasoning and ideas?  How do you integrate your historical, social, and personal perspectives?   Day-to-day, as a teacher or as a … Continue reading

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Math books with longevity

What gives a math book (textbook or otherwise) longevity?   Is there more to a book than just a record of current knowledge, or an aid and reference for a class? Some books continue to be read and reread, and used … Continue reading

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Why Books?

The purpose of this blog is to start a conversation about math books.   What makes a math book useful, important, timely, a pleasure to read?  How do books influence and shape mathematics? How does/should evolving technology change how we access … Continue reading

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