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Subscribe to Open (S2O): An Interview Post in Two Parts

Today on the Society for Scholarly Publishing’s Scholarly Kitchen blog, in the first of a two-part series, AMS Associate Executive Director for Publishing Robert Harington interviews publishing and library community experts on the pros and cons of the Subscribe to … Continue reading

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The Web and Books of the Future

Given the way the internet has become firmly entrenched in our lives, how do you think books of the future will look and how will these “new books” be read and used?   Is the web making books obsolete, or will … Continue reading

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Libraries and the art of browsing

Those of you over a certain age may remember when searching for math resources meant going to the library and perusing the subject catalog, spending time in shelving sections devoted to a topic, or leafing through heavy volumes of math … Continue reading

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Books: Hard Copy or E-?

How important are e-books for math?  I always start a blog with one question, and end up asking many more. People according to their personality, their intentions, limitations and environments read differently.   Even when there were only hard copy books, … Continue reading

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