Welcome to A Mathematical Word: The AMS Publications Blog!

Some of you have likely been readers of the BookEnds blog by AMS Consulting Editor, Eriko Hironaka.  We have made the decision to broaden the scope a bit to provide a wider look at the publishing activity of the AMS.  BookEnds will remain a key part of this endeavor in this new “home” (as a content category) and we will also occasionally “borrow” from Beyond Reviews, the MathSciNet blog by Edward Dunne, Executive Editor of Mathematical Reviews.   We also plan to highlight content, authors, and editors from our journals program, and to look at issues and changes in the world of mathematics publishing.

Who will be blogging?

Eriko Hironaka will continue to contribute the occasional BookEnds post and she will also be joined by her Editorial colleagues from time-to-time.  Other contributors will include Nicola Poser, Director of Marketing and Sales, Eric Maki, Senior Marketing Manager, and Robert Harington, Associate Executive Director for Publishing.  We also hope to have guest contributions from our authors and Editorial Board members, and from our readers – please feel free to be in touch if you have an idea for a guest post!  You can reach Nicola at nsp@ams.org.

Why a blog about AMS Publications?  Why now?

In this time of the COVID-19 pandemic, communication is more important than ever.  At AMS Publications, we hope to maintain open communication with all our stakeholders:  authors, readers, teachers, students, librarians.  Our hope is that this blog will become a place you find useful information. Read on:  the next post gives an overview of some important information from AMS Publications related to access to our content.


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