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UC Berkeley attendees on JMM 2020

Past AMS president, Ken Ribet, and five University of California, Berkeley undergrads share their thoughts on JMM 2020.

A conversation with Shyam Naraynan

Former Who Wants to Be a Mathematician contestant, Shyam Naraynan, talks about what he’s been up to since he last competed in the game.

Mariah Birgen on JMM 2020

Mariah Birgen, Wartburg College, discusses her time at JMM.

A conversation with Preeti Dubey

Preeti Dubey shares her goals for JMM 2020.

Sarah Friday on JMM 2020

Sarah Friday talks about attending her first Joint Mathematics Meetings.

Donald King discusses JMM 2020

Northeastern University mathematician, Donald King, shares his experience at JMM.

A conversation with the team behind Math That Feels Good

A team of researchers has developed a method for easily creating textbooks in Braille, with an initial focus on math textbooks. Learn more about their work. Here are two examples Braille math:

Math in a Braille textbookMath diagrams in a Braille textbook

A conversation with Samuel Hansen

Samuel Hansen discusses their math podcast, Relatively Prime, and JMM 2020.

First time JMM attendee, Madison Phelps