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A Talk With Bad Drawings

This morning Ben Orlin gave the MAA Lecture for Students and Teachers, “Tic-Tac-Toe (or, What is Mathematics?)” as part of a day-long series of public lectures at the JMM. Orlin writes the blog Math With Bad Drawings, which was recently … Continue reading

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Roaring Twenties in American Mathematics

This morning, Karen Hunger Parshall talked about the flourishing world of mathematics post WWI in the Roaring Twenties in American Mathematics. Parshall framed the advances of the era through the bifurcation of topology into the point set branch, led by … Continue reading

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AMS Colloquium Lectures: Benedict Gross and “Complex Multiplication: Past, Present, Future”

Benedict Gross kicked off his series of talks in the AMS Colloquium Lectures on Tuesday by speaking about the past, with a plan to reach the future of Number Theory by Friday. ¬†Gross, former MacArthur Fellow and winner of the … Continue reading

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AMS Office of Government Relations’ Activities at the Joint Mathematics Meetings

By Karen Saxe Each year at the JMM, my office organizes four events, one before the meeting starts, one on Thursday, and two on Friday.

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JMM 2019 blog

Welcome to the JMM 2019 blog. Posts will start in January.

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