Mathematical Reviews at #JMM2019

See Mathematical Reviews at JMM: coda, by Edward Dunne, Executive Editor of Mathematical Reviews on the Beyond Reviews: Inside MathSciNet blog. He thanks visitors who came to the Mathematical Reviews booth in the AMS exhibit area and took the opportunity to converse with editors, ask questions about MathSciNet and about reviewing, see scheduled and impromptu demos, and update their author profiles. He’s also grateful for the opportunity to talk with several publishers and librarians who gave helpful feedback on the prototype journal pages shown at JMM. Mathematical Reviews again hosted the always-popular reception for the math community, and MathSciNet was offered complimentary to all at #JMM2019. If you talked with editors, saw a demo, came to the MR Reception or made use of MathSciNet while at JMM, Ed Dunne welcomes your feedback in the comments section after the blog post.

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