LATHISMS: MAA Invited Paper Session on Inspiring Diversity in Mathematics: Culture, Community, and Collaboration, talk #7

Hi folks. I’m tired. This is the last talk in the series. Gabriel E Sosa of Amherst College is talking about:

LATHISMS: showcasing the contributions of Latinx and Hispanics to the mathematical sciences

Gabriel talked about his experience in graduate school and awakening to the fact that there weren’t that many well-known women in mathematics. He talked about Noether, and enjoying this poster by the AMS of women in mathematics:

Gabriel kept the audience cracking up with his relatable story of how he ended up creating the LATHISMS program, which involved a TurboTax commercial and hanging out with new friends. LATHISMS stands for something like LATinxs and HISpanics in the Mathematical Sciences.

Here’s the article from the Notices that they wrote on the two year anniversary of starting the program.

He played a clip from the Erika Camacho interview on the Lathisms podcast, hosted by freelance math communicator Evelyn Lamb (who also does the My Favorite Theorem podcast, if you’re at the JMM right now go find her or Kevin Knudson and tell them your “Flash Favorite” Theorem for a future episode).

And they have their own poster now! And now there’s also Mathematically Gifted and Black, and the _forall account on Instagram, which are wonderful.


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