Cat Cafe

If the frenzied environment of the JMM has got you flustered, perhaps a feline environment is what you need. I stumbled across The Cat Cafe on Google Maps and immediately recognized it as a game changer.

Game changer

I heard others had been escaping to the cafe and so I knew I had to go. I ran into a couple JMM attendees while there.

Tabatha, a post-doc at Purdue, has spent most of the JMM napping, but hopes to catch its tail end.

Tammy is tuckered after chasing down every string theory talk she could find.

Ernie forgot to secure funding to go to the JMM and tried to borrow my badge.

Schrodinger wasn’t sure he’d make it to the JMM and is glad to be attending. Here he is reflecting on category theory.

Wow. Everyone here is exhausted.

Not Ernie.

The Cat Cafe is open daily from 8:00-3:00.

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  1. Avatar Roland Welter says:

    This gives me paws. I don’t recall seeing those attendees at the JMM. Maybe my memory is fuzzy. Or maybe I’m just hair-brained. Either way the cat’s got my tongue.

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