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AMS Office of Government Relations Activities at JMM

The author of this piece is Karen Saxe, Director of the AMS Office of Government Relations. See the Office website and her blog for more information about our work in Washington, D.C.

 It’s 2018! And no better way to start a new year than by participating in the Joint Mathematics Meetings! There are great invited talks; research talks; panels on teaching, activism, and leadership in our community; and fun social events. I’m excited to see all four of the Joint Invited Addresses, to be given by Gunnar Carlsson, Moon Duchin, André Neves, and Jill Pipher. Also, looking forward to a video by JPBM Communications Award winner Vi Hart talk about her “doodles”, which I have long-admired. She will entertain and challenge us on Saturday as part of Mathemati-Con. And, I also always look forward to the Current Events Bulletin Session on Friday afternoon.

My office, the Office of Government Relations of the AMS, sponsors and cosponsors events throughout the week. The primary goal of this post is to tell you about them. The first two workshops — held during the two days in advance of JMM — require registration; please contact us at 401-455-4116 or amsdc@ams.org for further information.

We kick off Monday evening with a NSF-EHR Grant-Writing Workshop, run by Ron Buckmire and Lee Zia. They will tell us about programs in the Education and Human Resources Directorate, and how to prepare competitive proposals. This session is free.

2017 Chairs Workshop, in Atlanta

Tuesday all day we are busy at our annual Department Chairs Workshop. This full-day event provides opportunities for new and not-so-new department chairs to connect with each other and learn from more experienced department leaders about what makes the duties of a chair different from those of other engaged faculty members. This year we will begin by looking inward and “grow” during the day. Our first session is on improving our students’ experiences; the second on building partnerships within an institution (with, e.g., alumni and admissions offices and other academic departments); the third on building external partnerships (with, e.g., industry and other academic institutions in a geographic area); and we will end the day putting all the other three sessions in context by hearing about the responsibilities, duties and expectations that deans, provosts and other chief academic officers have for their chairs. There is a separate fee for this workshop.

Finally, JMM begins on Wednesday! The Office of Government Relations is running four panels this year.

Thursday’s AMS Committee on Education Panel Discussion will discuss how to prepare our undergraduate, masters, and Ph.D. students for a broad range of careers.  In particular, the panel will focus on career options for mathematics students, how to teach students to use mathematics to solve problems originating in non-academic settings, what are the key mathematics courses that can help students succeed in a broad range of jobs, what should be the priorities for workforce development in the mathematical sciences, and how to help students get jobs. This takes place 1:00-2:30 pm in room 11B of the San Diego Convention Center.

After that, make your way to room 8 for the 2:35-3:55 pm SIAM-MAA-AMS Joint Panel that will continue this conversation. Panelists from industry and government will share (a) what they wish they had known and done as graduate students/postdocs, (b) what you can do at your career stage if you are interested in making connections with business, industry or government, and (c) what suggestions they have for math doctoral programs to increase preparedness of their students for work in business, industry, and government (BIG).

The AMS Committee on Science Policy Panel takes place on Friday, 2:30-4:00 pm in room 11B. Mathematician and U.S. Congressman Jerry McNerney (CA 9) will be joined by other mathematicians who work at the NSF and at the Department of Defense to give insiders’ views of the federal funding landscape. The panel will comment on the value of, and opportunities for, engaging in national and local advocacy to support sustained funding for research.

Current AMS Congressional Fellow Margaret Callahan

If you are interested in working in Washington, D.C. for a year in the U.S. Congress or at one of the agencies, I encourage you to join us at the AMS Congressional Fellowship Session. This is an opportunity to hear about the fellowship program, and to meet our current fellow and former fellows and ask questions about the year-long fellowship. This fellowship is open to anyone with a Ph.D. in mathematics, and can be a positive experience at any stage of your career. This session takes place 4:30-6:00 pm on Friday, again in room 11B.