Monthly Archives: December 2017

Welcome to #JMM2018!

Soon over 6,000 mathematicians and students in the mathematical sciences are gathering in San Diego for the 2018 Joint Mathematics Meetings (#JMM2018)—the largest annual gathering of mathematicians in the world—starting January 10. Mathematicians will share research findings, discuss mathematics education, exhibit artworks, view new products and services, and connect with old and new colleagues.

Whether you’re participating or wanting to know what’s going on from afar, we invite you to follow this blog for reports and impressions of sessions, panels, and social events by Adriana Salerno, Kelsey Houston-Edwards, Beth Malmskog, Karen Saxe and Ben Thompson–and share your own experiences and feedback in the comments.

If you’d like a preview of some of the #JMM2018 program see the Virtual Press Room.