After Math, Aftermath


Andrea Young as the department chair and Aaron Calderon as Mathematicus.

Andrea Young as the department chair and Aaron Calderon as brave Mathematicus.

Every year at the math meetings I notice the intriguing “Mathematically Bent Theatre” on the JMM schedule and plan to go. Until this year I had been thwarted by appointments and exhaustion. But no longer! Finally made it to watch Colin Adams and the Mobiusband players perform mathefied comedic skits. This was such a great choice for Friday night—the skits were really funny and the silliness was excellent brain balm after three days of hard math talks. Ah the joys of “Aftermath,” in which a dishonest mathematician (Tom Garrity) dies and is damned to help the devil (Adams) truly randomize the tortures of hell. “Mathematicus,” is the story of an uprising of brave students led by Mathematicus (Aaron Calderon) against the tyranny of mathematical logic, which forces the math professor-opressors (led by Andrea Young as department chair) to search for a new con. Finally, mean Professor Scourge’s heart grows three sizes in “A Pi Day Carol,” when he (Adams) is visited on Pi Day Eve by the spirits of Gauss, Noether, and his worst ever paper reviewer. These skits got me into the spirit and I will now have to go on a back issue reading binge of Adams’ Mathematically Bent column in Mathematical Intelligencer.

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