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The AMS and MAA encourage you to share any events and activities that you will be planning during the 2021 Virtual JMM. This board, which functions as a blog, is intended only for events and activities occurring during the meeting. For meet-up-type events, we recommend that you state the time in MST, the day of the meeting, and how to attend.  


We review all submissions regularly, and those that are offensive, abusive, off topic, or do not occur during the meeting will be removed. Expressing disagreement is fine, but civility is required. The opinions expressed on this forum are the views of the writer(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the American Mathematical Society or the Mathematical Association of America.


Use this board to post events or activities open to 2021 JMM participants during the meeting, and that are occurring outside of the Meeting Platform.
  • You will need to setup an account using the Register link (on the right-hand column).
  • Add an event or discussion by creating a Topic (below).  Make the name descriptive.
  • For meet-up-type events, please state the time in MST,  the day of the meeting, and how to attend.  
  • All topics need to be added to 2021 JMM Events from the Forum drop-down.
  • We review all additions and remove those that are spam, offensive, abusive, off topic. or not occurring during the meeting.

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