Help available at the San Diego Meetings

The Joint Committee on Employment Opportunities runs a help desk in the Employment Center.  We look at resumes, check over clothing and hair, and even do mock interviews if there are two of us.  The last is by appointment only.  We're there 10-5 Wednesday and Friday, January 9 and 11. Some common questions math job seekers might be asked are: Research: Can you describe your research? Give "the elevator version" please. What resources would you need to continue your research program? What background would students need to be able to do research with you? Teaching: Which courses that we offer are you able to teach? Is there anything you can't teach? Given the opportunity, is there a course that you would develop for our program?  What would be the required prerequisites? Broader Impact: Are you involved in or interested in any outreach? Do you have experience with students from diverse backgrounds? And the big two: Why us? Do you have any questions for us? Please note that discussion of salary and benefits is not appropriate for initial interviews.  Save those for later.  Right now (and later) you need to show interest in their specific job, not a generic job,  not what's in it for you, but what you can bring to them. See some of you next week! Sue

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