The Employment Center at the JMM

Registration for the Employment Center at the Joint Mathematics Meetings (JMM) 4-7 January 2012 is now open.  The link to the instructions is

This is a great place to interview for jobs, mostly academic but some industrial and governmental ones as well.  Follow the instructions carefully and put your best self out there.  There are good suggestions on the instruction page but I want to highlight one and expand on another.

The Joint Committee on Employment Opportunities (JCEO), which sponsors this blog,  staffs tables outside the interview area for people to come get help.  We answer questions on interviewing, conduct mock interviews, do last minute checks of dress, and even straighten ties.  There is a sign-up sheet at the table to reserve time, recommended for mock interviews, but also deal with walk-ins on a time available basis.  You don’t have to be registered with the Employment Center to talk with us.  I encourage you to take advantage of our help.

My expansion is in the area of dress for interviews.  The basic principle is that you want the interviewer(s) to pay attention to what you bring to the job and not your appearance.  Also, you want to be as comfortable and confident that what you are wearing is correct so that you don’t focus on what you are wearing.  Men, a dark suit, dark shoes (NO SNEAKERS ) and socks, shirt and tie that coordinate is all you need.  Women, as usual we have more options as well as more to think about.  A business suit, skirt or pants, is great.  The skirt should be long enough that you can sit comfortably and not be conspicuous in its shortness.  Blouses should not show any decolletage, not only when seen straight on, but also when someone tall looks down at you.  Flats or low to medium heels are recommended as you will need to walk a lot.    Since your looks are not the desired focus, jewelry should be discrete.

See you at the JMM.


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