Housing for a New Job

This is the time of year that many people are getting ready to move to a
new, sometimes first, job.  This can be quite anxiety producing due to
the many details and expenses.  But relax; it is possible to do without
going off the deep end.

In one move, I could go to the city in May/June and rent an apartment
for mid-August.  I had some help from a person I had met during the
interview process.  If not, the classifieds and rental companies help as
well as just driving around town and looking.

In another, I couldn’t go.  So I looked at the possible places online,
getting ideas from the classifieds of the local paper and from people at
the University, called various complexes to see if they were
predominantly student or grad student/non-student.  I found three
possible ones and they sent me floor plans and prices; this was before
the internet – yes, I’m a dinosaur.  Now such things are easily done via
web, often with pictures of the apartments as well as floor plans.  Once
I decided, I called and asked how to reserve a place.  When I said I was
with the University, they were happy to work with me and have me
overnight them the deposit and first month’s rent at the proper time.

I found renting and then deciding where to buy more comfortable.  Others
take the time to go look at houses and buy as they are moving into town.
The same kind of online searches plus the help of a real estate agent
can make this workable.

One last note, if you are not moving yourself, be sure to hire a moving
company well ahead in order to get a date that works for you.

Until next time,

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