On The Market is a job search blog for the mathematical sciences community by the Joint Committee on Employment Opportunities

Moderator: Sue Geller, Professor
Texas A&M University

Welcome!  The Joint Committee on Employment Opportunities has decided to
try to be of more help for mathematical scientists on the job market,
especially for first timers.  The blogs topics will come out of our
experience mentoring job seekers, especially at the Joint Mathematics
Meeting in January each year.

Our idea is to take a job seeker through the process, from deciding
where to apply, to applying, to interviewing via phone or at meetings or
at the workplace, to handling an offer, to negotiating, and maybe even
to beginning that first job.  We will also try to have blogs on topics
that people write in and ask about.

At this time of year, some people have accepted jobs, others are
debating offers, and others are waiting to hear.  My tip for this first
blog is to be sure to call places in which you are interested after you
receive an offer from another place.  Simply tell them you have an offer
and ask them when you are likely to hear from them.  This gives them the
opportunity to speed up the process lest they lose you.  Be aware that
most places will tell you either you are no longer in the running or
they’ve filled their positions.  But that is okay because you will know
whether or not to ask for more time to decide on your offer.  I received
my current job by calling to inform them of another offer, which made
them look at me more carefully and more quickly.  So I know such a call
can be worthwhile.

Until next time.

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