Babies, babies, everywhere

Age is a funny thing. I feel kind of old when I see all my friends either here with their infants and children, friends who are expecting, or friends who are happy to be able to get some sleep because they left their children with a spouse or other caregivers (even though they clearly miss their kids too, as evidenced by their showing me all of the cute kids pictures possible). When did everyone start having kids? And how will I get to hold and play with them all? Auntie Adri is reporting for duty.

Then at some point I ran into a former professor of mine, and he said “what are you up to these days?” and I replied “Well, I’m chair of the math department now!” and he just paused, looked at me in shock, and said “But you’re a baby!!!”

And yesterday and today, I had the absolute biggest pleasure, I saw two of my former students give talks on their Ph.D. research, and they are getting ready to finish this May! HOW DID THAT HAPPEN? And they have their own theorems, papers, and results!

Sara Chari graduated from Bates in 2014, and was my thesis student. She gave her talk yesterday, on “Metacommunication of Primes in Central Simple Algebras”, based on her work with her PhD advisor John Voight, from Dartmouth College.  Super cool intersection of algebra and number theory.

Sara Chari.

Bryan Carrillo, Bates class of 2013, is working in UC Riverside under the direction of Qi Zhang. His talk was today, on “Decay and vanishing of some axially symmetric D-solutions of the Navier-Stokes equations”, a pretty cool and difficult problem which he managed to make understandable and clear!

Bryan Carrillo.

And finally we had a mini-meeting with Catherine Buell, who was visiting faculty at Bates while Bryan and Sara were students, and she was having the same warm and fuzzy feelings as I (and a conversation I had with her was how I got the  idea for this post!).

Left to right: Moi, Bryan Carrillo, Sara Chari, and Catherine Buell.

Anyway, to all of you with babies biological, adopted, mathematical, congratulations.

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