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Libraries and the art of browsing

Those of you over a certain age may remember when searching for math resources meant going to the library and perusing the subject catalog, spending time in shelving sections devoted to a topic, or leafing through heavy volumes of math … Continue reading

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Author Interview: Richard Evan Schwartz

Richard Evan Schwartz has written math books for a range of audiences: for university students, researchers, and several for children.  His distinctive approach brings a touch of childlike freedom to his high-level research monographs, and mathematical depth to his whimsical … Continue reading

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Books: Hard Copy or E-?

How important are e-books for math?  I always start a blog with one question, and end up asking many more. People according to their personality, their intentions, limitations and environments read differently.   Even when there were only hard copy books, … Continue reading

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Why Books?

The purpose of this blog is to start a conversation about math books.   What makes a math book useful, important, timely, a pleasure to read?  How do books influence and shape mathematics? How does/should evolving technology change how we access … Continue reading

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